in this place

(c) 2014 Laurie Childers

intro: G Cmaj7 G Cmaj7 G Cmaj7 D

in this place G

there is no sorrow Cmaj7 G

no aching longing C G

no regrets C D

in this place G

my heart feels grateful C G

my wide wings soar C D

trusting the wind (C) G

in this place Bm

joy has freedom Em D

love is real C

words are kind __ G D

this open space G

alive inside me C G

it is this place C D

I’ll share with you C G

repeat intro and 1st verse as instrumentals,

then sing verses 2,3,4 . add as slower tag line:

it is this place D

this wild and safe and colorful space C

I’ll share with you G