(c) Laurie F. Childers 2014

key: Bb

it’s lost and I just can’t find it

I’ve turned everything upside down

retraced my steps with body and mind, it

oh- it is not to be found

I’ve looked everywhere it could be waiting

I’ve turned everything inside out

wracked my brain for a detailed accounting of

the day it split to hide out

lost like a young summer’s morning

lost in my memory

lost in the life that is passing in the past that’s amassing

lost in the mystery

lost in the mystery


lost in the whirlpool of time

lost in the current of history

lost with the bathwater tossed now I’m learning the cost

it jumped ship in the deep blue sea

lost in the mystery


I have searched where it just might have fallen

I have hunted my haunts and routine

I’ve looked low and looked high, I sigh and I cry but it’s

nowhere to be seen

nowhere to be seen

lost in the great cosmic void

lost in the big galaxy

lost in the black hole of time, all that’s left is this rhyme,

lost in the parallel universality

lost in the great mystery

it went out with the tide and it’s taken my pride

is it lost or am I? (or am I?)

is it lost or am I? (or am I?)

is it lost or am I?